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Signposts of the Last Days: Coming Events Before the End

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SIGNPOSTS of The Last Days is not an attempt to sensationalize predicted events from prophecy implying they will happen in a particular manner. Remember that when Jesus came the first time, all but two people were looking for a different kind of Messiah than the One they got. Instead you will find the Biblical basis for twelve predicted events of the Last Days.

This book is written to review some of the available passages concerning these events that will lead to the end of the Last Days and how they relate to each other. They are arranged in the order they are expected to happen. It also is designed to relate coming events to the past times in which God has presented Himself to the world using different people.

This is your opportunity to separate the modern day scenarios seemingly written for Hollywood from what we might realistically expect should we be alive to see it all unfold. Please read them all with the understanding that there may be fewer than two individuals who get close to the actual truth this time around.

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