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Boogie Woogie Ii: The Boogie Woogie Just Doesn't Quit!

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Bombshell - Boogie Woogie II

Your spouse, lover, significant other, or trusted friend - cheated on you. Wow!

He or she betrayed the sacred vows and commitment you made on your wedding day, before witness and God only to leave you to suffer through the sickening whirlwind of anger, grief, anxiety, and, perhaps worst of all, your shattered sense of sense of self-esteem due to being caught up in the boogie woogie. You are terrified! Period! You feel hopeless; as there is no way you will ever be able to get past the horror and put the pieces of your devastated marriage or relationship back together again ... But it happened. You will get over it. Even the best in our society goes through the hurt and boogie woogie.

Boogie Woogie II will share the pain, healing, laughter, and awareness of those perhaps caught up and those that were smart enough to heal and move on. But in order to defeat the boogie woogie the following notions must be accepted and understood: betrayal, being vengeful, feeling guilt, being in a state of fear, carrying around anger, feeling frustrated, and paranoid feelings, and disappointment (not necessarily in these order).

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