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Aha Moments in Brand Management: Commonsense Insights to a Stronger, Healthier Brand

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CEOs, executive directors, board members, politicians, religious leaders, and others continue to make the same mindless mistakes. When people consciously make bad decisions, its even more disturbing. These individuals hurt the organizations theyre supposed to lead. They are also hurting clients, customers, and followers of their respective groups.

In this guidebook on reputation management, author Larry Checco, a longtime branding expert, explores how leaders can avoid these kinds of mistakes. Youll discover proven ways to improve your organizations brand. Youll also learn why branding is all about trust; how marketing and branding are not the same; how even great companies sometimes get it wrong; and why branding is the responsibility of every employee.

The truth is that branding is not just about an attractive logo, marketing, or public relations. Its about managers making good decisions, and brand management starts with you.

Step back and take an honest, introspective, and contemplative look at how management and an organizations brand are integrally related with a series of Aha Moments in Brand Management.

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