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Journey Westward

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The book gives to the reader a glimpse into the life of a Jewish family in Czechoslovakia from the end of WW I, throughout the Nazi horrors of WW II, to the era of Communist dictatorship and finally to the freedom in the West. This non-fictional narrative is written in chronological order and ties in related political events that occurred during this time.

The authors WW II survival is followed in detail, showing how the will to fight for life aided in the achievement of that vision. Full recognition is given to the good people who took risks, without which the author could not have survived the war. While liberation brought happiness and hope for a better life, there was also a cloud of sadness over the loss of his father, dear family members and friends that can never be eradicated from memory. Unfortunately, the freedom that came with the end of the war was short lived. The establishment of Communist dictatorship marred that gained freedom. Once again, the authors determination to live in a free society, guided him through an adventurous escape to the West, where he finally achieved his dream of freedom.

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