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God's Heart... Our Hope: God's Message for Man's Journey

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The bumper sticker announced: Hope Is Everything! The message sounds compelling,
but something is missing. If hope is to be potent, it first must be grounded in
the core teachings of Scripture. Anything less will never hold up; it will only fold up.
This book has been written for the hungry hearts of Gods people in the pew. The
objective is this: to explain the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3) in such a
way that minds will be nourished, hearts warmed and wills inspired to respond with joy.

I love this book! A real life changer
Carol Bleich, Elementary School Teacher
Revealing and reliable A masterful assembly of scripture.
Hal Green, Vice President, NBC News (retired)
Well worth having in your library and on your night stand.
John Hunter, Retired Executive, Monsanto/Solutia
Revolutionary in simplicity the writing is compelling.
Tamra Nashman, Author/Lecturer/Business Woman
Very well written Truly honors our God of love.
Barbara Carol, Former Associate Editor, The Paris Review

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