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Coot and the Gophers: Sixth in the Prairie Preacher Series

492 pages10 hours


FBI Agent Carl Kincaid was doing his job when he saved a young girls life. Her name was Miriam, and she was the would-be victim of a religious cult leader who doled out more than his share of abuse. Before being caught by authorities, the evangelist had tried shooting young Miriam; Kincaid jumped in the way of the bulletwhich is how he ended his career and wound up in a hospital bed.

Upon his recovery, Kincaid feels worthless. His career is over due to his serious injuries, and he is shipped to North Dakota to heal. He wouldnt mind riding off into the sunset for good, but theres still Miriam to care for. After he saved her life, Miriams aunt told Kincaid the little girl was his responsibilitya responsibility he was happy to accept, if only to give the girl a chance at a happy life.

Even so, abuse leaves many scars, inside and out, as Kincaid comes to learn for himself. He doesnt like North Dakota, so he slips further away from emotional rehabilitation. Now this grumpy ex-FBI agent must learn to cope with being a victimas he finds ways to heal Miriams psychological scars and give her a normal life. He begins to befriend the new people in his life, and together their strength may heal both his injuries and the heart of a broken young girl.

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