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In the Beginning: A Concise Biblical Look at Creation from Its Inception Through the Early Patriarchs

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Humanitys thirst for answers to the unknowns in the universe appears insatiable. Was it God, did it evolve, or is it a combination of the two? Or is it something else? What about all of the seeming biblical contradictions and similarly, the wave of conflicting scientific ideas?

In the Beginning undertakes the monumental task of navigating through the unending maze of biblical concepts and scientific information. It takes a look at the origins of the universe and the earth from their inception, and it continues its journey up to the first chapters of Genesis. Perusing the timeline of these earliest days, it explores the historical relevance of creation in light of modern science.

Amidst it all, In the Beginning investigates humanitys place in creation and examines other biblical notables such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, and Satan. The exploration doesnt stop there; further topics include prehistoric man, continental shift, global flooding, giants, the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, heaven and hell, and much more.

Take a biblical step back in time to discover the truth about the earths origins.

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