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God's Implanted Dna: A Journey to Deep Happiness and Health

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Everyone starts out life relying on others. Usually, these are family members, and its not uncommon for people to depend on them well into their twenties.

But ultimately people must search for something more meaningful. The fortunate ones move toward caring for others, an impulse that is part of the DNA that God planted in humanity. This group includes people such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Schweitzer, and many others, some of whom are featured in this book.

Author Don Johnson admires these people because they made a conscious choice to care for others. It is the same decision he made years ago when he was struggling to find a direction in life. After a lot of prayer and soul-searching, he decided to become a minister.

In Gods Implanted DNA, Johnson recalls what it was like growing up in a Baptist family and then starting a family of his own; he also shares his thoughts on Gods teachings. Join him as he explores how much good can result when people give themselves up for the sake of others to find true happiness.

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