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I Was Once Like You: Before I Got Alzheimer's

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I Was Once Like You
By Carolyn (Nesto) Haynali

Chuck her loving husband was like everyone else when he was born. He went through life doing the things that he was supposed to do. He was a normal man who went into the military service for his country, married, raised two children and provided a good home for his family. He had a good life until he was told he had, Alzheimers disease. That was the worse news he had ever heard. He had many other illnesses through his life but Alzheimers was the worst. Alzheimers disease strips you of who you used to be and as the years go by you are not able to remember the things that you once enjoyed or the people that you loved, friends or family that you knew. You just cant remember.

What can they do to help me? Chuck would say, They cant do anything but please still show me love and be there for me. In my own mind I am still who I used to be. I want to say to them, I Was Once Like You, Before I Got Alzheimers. This book will help you understand what its like to be a person with Alzheimers disease and the care and concern that it takes being a caregiver and an advocate for your loved one. Carolyns long journey with Chuck will be inspirational. God Bless You!

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