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Checkmate...: Fables & Tales of the Unexpected

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With the goal of a regime-change the Central Intelligence Agency believed that with Gearys insertion as a senior officer in the countrys military establishment he would be well placed to act as a CIA NOC a spy with no official cover. His mission was to covertly provide intelligence gathered through his unique friendships with the general officers of the countrys Navy, Army and Air Force. In possession of confidential, compromising and possibly damaging personal details, the CIA believed that the military forces of the country could be neutralized if they were opposed to the regime-change that would be brought about through an orchestrated coup d'tat planned and paid for by the Agency.

In reward for his spying efforts the CIA offers substantial payments from a slush-fund that will be paid through a numbered bank account in an off-shore jurisdiction.

Following his refusal to become a spy for the Agency they embark on a program to discredit him and repeatedly attempted to kill him. A Deep Throat emerges from the shadows of Washington who provides information that leads to exposure of the CIAs nefarious activities through a CNN - Cable News Network report. Prevailing in his lawsuit against the Government allowed him to tell the story of the CIAs Venezuelan Conspiracy brought about because of Oil. The Reverend of Caracas is a fictionalized version of the saga.

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