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Jarrod Ii: The Making of a Master

180 pages4 hours


Making of a Master is a prequel to Jarrod, which was published in 2003. From a dramatic rescue from his flooded village by unknown people in strange flying ships, to life on a golden planet of futuristic technology and miracles, Jarrod (born Makeeshla, to the village chief), sought answers to his quest for knowledge about his rescuers, himself and a god who was said to be greater than his familiar SKY god. His journey took him from illiterate hunter/farmer to Master Spiritual Teacher, with power to heal, manipulate matter and even restore life. Life on the planet, Kanon, took Jarrod through eye-opening, mind-expanding experiences, humiliation, romantic love and devastating loss. Also an unexpected encounter with the Almight.

This story ends where the first Jarrod begins.

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