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A Journey of Faith: Moving from the Middle East to the West: Living in Two Different Cultures

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First, it describes the life of a mainstream, Christian family living in Egypt. The agony involved for the head of the family (the author) to make the decision of taking his wife and three young daughters from the safety of living among family and friends that provided a hedge against the unknown and uncertainty of moving to another country and a new culture. It describes how Divine intervention tilted the balance in favor going ahead with the decision to move to America. The book entails several circumstances that clearly manifested God's desire for us to leave the country in which we had lived most of our lives.

Second, the book describes how the basically Islamic, Arabic culture of the Middle East compares with the essentially Christian culture of the United States. It deals with the subtle underlying teachings of Islam that affect social and spiritual lives of people living in Muslim-majority societies. The book describes how deeply-ingrained ideas can enhance or prohibit advancement of society.

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