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Z: Fourth in the Prairie Preacher Series

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Throughout Rainbows and Rattlenakes, Dr. Zach Jeffries worked to overcome the trauma of his tortured childhood. He thought he had dealt with it and put it in the past. The young man was able to begin building a happy, quiet life adn looking forward to his future. That is until a phone call from his sister. The news of the death or disappearance of his father forced him to begin to unravel the mystery of his family. Even though it threatens his sanity, security and his new found happiness, he realizes that he has a responsiblity to himself, his fiancee and his family to investigate. He knows he will never be able to rest until he knows the truth. The investigation leads him and his Merton family to Masssachutes, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. He unravels unhappy truths about his family; including adultrous affairs, insanity, crime and hidden bank accounts, sadistic behavior and murder. Before the revelations are complete, his life is turned inside out and everything he ever believed is challenged. Will the months of anguish and pain be worth it all when the mystery is resolved? Will he and his sister have any part of their lives intact?

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