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Your Light Has Come: How to Color Your Life and Your World with the Radiance of Jesus

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So, how significant is light and how does it affect daily Christian living? The quality of your Christian life and the level of influence you will exercise will have a lot to do with the quality of light that will shine on your pathway in a world whose system of operation and way of thinking are becoming more and more enveloped in darkness. In this book, you will learn:

• How to receive and activate God’s light on your path
• How to avoid making presumptions and know with clarity the direction God is leading you
• Why many Christians go round in circles - around the same mountains - and how to break free from this
• How to develop the attitude that will propel you higher in life
• How to bring the radiance of Jesus into your world and by it lead many people out of darkness

As you read, you will understand how to have the right perception - even in challenging circumstances - to be able to make right choices and quality decisions. This will help you to walk in wisdom and experience that your path keeps getting brighter and brighter. When light illuminates your heart, doubt will be dissolved and your resolve to walk in victory will be strengthened. Invariably, the results you will achieve as an effective witness for the Light will be enhanced.

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