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Caring for Mary: One Caregiver’S Humorous Dialogues with a Demented Old Italian Woman

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Author Nicholas Andrefsky never envisioned that he would one day be a caregiver. Nothing in his life prepared him for that daunting task, but he was in need of money and his dearest friend on the planet asked for his help. Caring for Mary documents the ups and downs of his time as a caregiver to the strong-willed Mary as she struggled with dementia. Mary was no pushover, but Nick took a unique approach to understanding her needs. They bonded, and she came to view him as a trusted ally instead of an enemy.

He recalls several different scenarios that occurred as he cared for Mary, complete with straightforward, occasionally humorous, and always honest in the assessment of how to handle each situation. His message is that you must understand that the person for whom you are caring will not change, that the best way to work with them is with humor and understanding, allowing them to maintain their dignity.

Being a caregiver is not easy, but it can be rewarding when handled in the right way. Dementia is not reversible, and it grows progressively worse as time wears on. Even so, there are glimmers of recognition and humor, both of which come shining through in these winning stories.

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