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Another Form of Democracy

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Richard Grant is a Chief Constable in an English County Police Force. He is married with two children and, after a very successful career, he dreams of the good times to come, when he retires.
His dreams are shattered when his wife and family are killed and he finally leaves the Police Service to go into private security.
He is hounded by an al-Qaeda terrorist who has vowed to kill him. This terrorist plans and executes an atrocity greater than that of the World Trade Centre, for, in one fell swoop, he kills all the members of the 27 European Governments, plus the Government of Turkey and all the European ministers and deputies.
Owing to Richard Grants swift action and superb planning, the final plan for World domination by the Islamists is thwarted and the terrorist organisation defeated, leaving Richard Grant with the unenviable task of rebuilding Europe.

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