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Golden Solutions for Change

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Dr. Beth Golden reminds us life is all about relationships and the most important relationship of all is with oneself. Dr. Beth masterfully weaves together contemporary stories, ancient analogies, scientific insights and personal experiences to engage you on a journey of personal discovery.

Life is filled with change and we rarely choose to venture out of our comfort zone to develop the greater qualities of being; so life will help increase the souls capacity by knocking us off center from time-to-time. Golden Solutions for Change will help you discover you are not powerless in a world of rapid change. You will be reminded how special you are, amidst all the twists and turns in an ever evolving life. Dr. Beth Goldens conviction iseverything happens for a reasonand she gives you the tools to gracefully embrace change in this valuable and practical book.

-- Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

This book contains a beautiful, potent and easy to access distillation of universal wisdom; sparking an alignment with your higher voice and higher wisdom. Dr. Beth gently shows you how to create greater peace in your life as well as peacefully communicating with the people closest to you.

-- Sharon Montes, MD

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