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One of These Days: Can Be Today

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Life is short, so now is the time to take the opportunities and do everything you have always dreamed of.

In this inspirational collection of stories, author Pauline Montano illustrates how to achieve your desires by thoroughly explaining the most common reasons that hold us back and allow excuses to get in the way. Montano shares true, heartfelt anecdotesboth her own and those of othersthat will make you laugh and touch your heart. Fueled by her belief that many people have desires in life but never make an effort to fulfill them, she shares her thoughts on achieving those dreams.

One of These Days seeks to show you how to overcome whatever may be standing in your path, preventing you from realizing your hopes and dreams. Montano uses her skills as a real estate relocation director help others to move ahead with their lives with hope and determination. Now, she hopes to do the same through words.

We all have regrets as we look back over the years, things we put off that we wish we had done. One of These Days can help you find the motivation to pursue your dreams.

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