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No Sacred Place: Bad Faith, Lies, and Illusions

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No Sacred Place offers a critical study of social injustice done at the behest of law and religion in the context of cultural politics in Christianized societies. Author Ivan Walters theorizes the causes of social injustice and oppression of marginalized peoples as found in the law and Christian theology in both modern and post-modern cultural politics. He advances a theory of redemption through a transgressive discourse that challenges most of the traditional assumptions of Eurocentric Christianity and jurisprudence.

Walters sees law and religion as two powerful, politico-cultural institutions that must be kept in check in order to protect the rights of those who are marginalized by the society. History reveals a litany of horrors that have been perpetrated on marginalized peoples by both religious bigotry and the law.

Through theological and jurisprudential theoretical inquiries, Walters advocates a thesis of at-one-ment through the historical Christus instead of the Christianitys bastardized version of the Christus. His thesis then is grounded in a theory of challenge and resistance to oppression and the advocacy of the possibilities for redemption from oppression.

No Sacred Place challenges the church in particular and society in general to create a new social order and right the wrongs of the current system.

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