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Observations: Love Along the Line

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We come together


lips parted

timid and tender

yet passion melts us

and we laugh

They are emotions we have all feltjoy, sorrow, love, and heartacheand each are celebrated in Observations, a collection of lyrical verse in six volumes that poetically explores the wonders of everyday life.

Poet Dinny Hayes shares an experienced and distinctive voice as she offers a relatable and intriguing glimpse of the common from an uncommon perspective. In Love Along the Line, Hayes examines the changing moods and often surprising revelations found within married love. In Family Matters, she seeks to discover what is unique and precious about family members. The Gift of Friends is full of wonder at the love of others, the gifts shared, and special events in their family. Thresholds eloquently tackles the difficult subject of mortality, sharing insights gained by caring for those who are facing death. Finally, in Musings and Outward Things, Hayes offers commentary on various cultural phenomena and celebrates the natural world of plants, animals, and landscapes.

Observations revels in the beauty of the spoken word and reflects on both the ordinary and extraordinary moments in all our lives.

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