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Good Rx V: Grinding out an American Dream

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A wonderful look at the stories of a family trying to make it in the United States. It chronicles a Dominican man who immigrates to America during the post-World War II era, and subsequently shares most of the twentieth century's second half working to achieve his family's American Dream. In the words of the author, "This story is one of perseverance, which exemplifies the American dream, and love, which is the magic behind spirituality. It can be recognized in many families who have had forefathers that sacrificed much to bear the fruits they enjoy today. It is a tale that needs to be told to remind us of where we come from." The story is set to the backdrop of events of American Major League Baseball, a major reason for the connection of generations and cultures. It recounts the history of Baseball in the United States for the last half of the twentieth century, in a way that reflects the principles of that period. The writer takes the reader though his observations of those Baseball seasons, and how they helped shape his perspective on family and teamwork. Filled with personal anecdotal stories, poingant stories, and opinions, the story attempts to make
the reader laugh, cry, and think.

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