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Given a Second Chance: A Dream Worth Waiting For

260 pages4 hours


Drug dealer Vince Delgado has a vendetta against the Crawfordsfield County Police Departmentspecifically against Detective Jarred Stanton and his uncle and partner, Detective Alex Storm, the two men who put him behind bars. Delgado has already managed to put a bullet in Jarreds chest. Now the drug dealer is hiding out, and the detectives need to find himbefore he strikes again.

As Jarred is recovering at home, he meets Jodi Tate, a local antique shop owner who takes shelter inside his house during a violent storm. The attraction between the two is immediate and strangely familiar. It is not long before Jodi realizes that she does know the detective from a past encounter, and the disturbing dreams she has been having about a man being shot could be a past premonition about Jarred. But as the search for Delgado continues, Jodi is suddenly attacked in her shop. There is only one man who could have done it. With Jodis life now in danger and Delgados threat of killing his partner next, Jarred has no choice but to make finding Delgado his only mission.

In this suspenseful tale, a determined detective soon realizes that the clues to solving a mystery lie within the dreams of the woman he loves.

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