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Breath of Poetry

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The magic of poetry moves us in unique ways. Breath of Poetry presents a unique collection of poetry meant to stir emotions while exercising thought processes to enhance our understanding of the world around us. Poetry enables us to capture the beauty in the world by creating beautiful and thoughtful images through the use of poetic phrasing.

Breath of Poetry seeks to encourage new thought patterns, helping others to view literature differently by adding a new twist to the art of word making. It explores various concepts in quest of revealing truth and understanding and providing a sense of adventure.

Author Teresa Walters explores the emotions of everyday life in poems ranging from The Pits of Sorrow to the haunting Call to the People. Breath of Poetry taps the finely tuned emotions that will resonate with young and old alike.


Envision the cellular-ring of this complex vessel

Reflex of it endures tenderness so pure

Weaken with injurious desires, sweeten in it entire eliminates the

Intravenous bit but christen in delight acuity it will find salvation on the existent

Anaphylactic perfusion glistened in illusion toiled with accentual neutralizing pints

transcriptase this convict slate of epinephrines following through the polymerase strand

envision you holding my hand

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