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True Stories of an Intensive Care Nurse

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For author Janice Tray, nursing has been her passion since age six. Although the job is very demanding mentally, emotionally, and especially physically, she loved it. In True Stories of an Intensive Care Nurse, she shares some of the stories gathered from her twenty-six years of nursing experience, twenty-three of those in the intensive care unit. Now retired, she tells the story of Johnny, a patient dying from Valley Fever, and how he learned the power of forgiveness firsthand. Theres the case of Mr. Z., a man in his seventies, who was taught how to use guided imagery to help him deal with his symptoms.

True Stories of an Intensive Care Nurse narrates true accounts of Trays experiences in and outside the intensive care unitwhere the difference between life and death often rests on quick decisions by nurses and doctorsand events cannot always be explained by science. Tray provides a testament to the wonderful things God can do in your life when you trust him and ask him for help.

Praise for True Stories of an Intensive Care Nurse

As a nurse faces daily challenges to keep her patients alive and recovering, she depends upon interfaces with the almighty for help.
Maria Berbeo, Book Editor, Publisher

The subject matter is of interest, and the author feels deeply about the spiritual nature of every encounter.
George Robinson, Community Leader

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