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180 Days

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Have you emotionally suffered through sabotage and administrative loopholes in your place of employment, which resulted in wrongful discharge? Crystal E. Emerson has written an extraordinary and poignant documentation of truth. She has experienced the unethical behavior of administrators and other professionals while working in a public school district in the state of Pennsylvania. During the 20032004 academic year, Crystal experienced divided professional loyalties and lived and worked through this emotional dichotomy for 180 days of employment. This was a test of personal and emotional strength and a time to trust her instincts.
The law assumes that public school administrators will behave in an ethical manner. The PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) members assume that union representatives will support them during times of professional adversity. This book is a personal account, of a professional position, in which these two assumptions have failed to occur.
There is a need for all public school administrators to abide by more strict laws. There is a need to implement a law that requires all observations and evaluations performed by public school administrators to video record the session; this video recording should be submitted to the state department of education due to a mandating law. Such a law would help teachers in extreme situations who have been subjected to heinous actions of administrative personnel. It is Crystals hope that her 180-day experience of emotional adversity, sabotage, harassment, and undermining has not occurred in vain.
Never before has a book been so poignant and honest! This is an account of utter emotional and professional strength.
You will be enticed as you enjoy reading 180 DAYS!

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