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All Things New: Understanding the Book of Revelation

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All Things New is not just another book on Bible prophecy. Are we the terminal generation? Are we the generation of mankind that will see the fulfillment of its prophecies? This book answers those questions. The book of Revelation needs to be engaged, more now than in any era of human history. However, many recent books on the subject of Revelation take a much too scholarly approach to a book that was written to be understood by the common man.

All Things New is a verse-by-verse commentary/guide for the Christian or non-Christian reader who may simply want to know what the book of Revelation is all about and what its significance is for us today. Included are definitions of the basic terms related to the Church and Christianity that a non-believer might not understand but are necessary for a clear, comprehensive understanding of Revelation. This book is not just about scary beasts, incomprehensible images, and mind-boggling catastrophes and judgments. Its also a book of vindication for the people of God, a demonstration of God's eternal justice, and most importantly, a book of hope for a world that seems to have lost its way. There are storm clouds on the horizon, and a cold night of despair will follow, but the night is never so cold as just before the dawn. May everyone who reads this book find joy, peace, and tranquil hope for the future in the person of Jesus Christ. A new day is coming, and a new world will dawn in which God will indeed make All Things New.

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