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One Time Too Many: His Own Blood, Part 3

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An ex-U.S. Major called James Cairns is escorted to a military court to face Judge Parker regarding his release from a
military jail after serious acts of treason against the United States. Cairns becomes frustrated at the very mention of John
Ravens name. After Judge Parker notices Cairns volatile behaviour, he gives the order for him to be transported back
to the U.S. to be placed into another military compound for an additional two years, and his attitude after this period
of time passes will determine whether or not James Cairns becomes a free man. Although Cairns accepts Judge Parkers
decision, he knows that it will only be a matter of time before he will be able to escape and be united with the Iranian
president. Whilst spending time inside a military jail, he made contacts in the Middle East, secretly instigating with
President Modarres, who, with the help of the Russians is planning to annihilate the U.S. by using nuclear missiles, and
then take Kuwait by storm and hold the remainder of the world for ransom.

Christmas is approaching rapidly and John Raven is looking forward to celebrating this special time of year with other
members of the family. When the New Year arrived, Raven had arranged to train Unit Expendable and then retire
from the military force for good, which pleases his father, Richard. He later fi nds out that Captain Weller is going to
miss this Christmas because of special I.T. tasks that have to be undertaken on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and U.S.S. Blue Ridge, positioned somewhere in the Gulf. Knowing that John is going to retire from the military, she propositions him,
suggesting they get back together to enjoy the rest of their lives.

After an emergency cabinet meeting, the President of the United States tells the world that she and the Secretary of State, Sarah Johnson, will visit Iran on the 29th of December to hopefully achieve a diplomatic solution.

When Christmas Day arrives, Captain Weller rings John at home from U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln to wish the family a Merry
Christmas. After being told to come and join the party with the rest of her colleagues, she becomes aware of Iranian
pirates circling around the U.S. warship, who eventually board and kidnap her. Christmas Day becomes a nightmare for
John, and he decides to leave the rest of the family, feeling frustrated, as once again, he had to make decisions as to what would be best for all parties.

John Raven decides to send Unit Expendable to Kuwait on a mission when they will fl y into Iran to hopefully save
Captain Weller. He remains in the U.S. with President Berry visiting his home to ask him to accompany her and the
Secretary of State on Air Force One during her trip to Iran. After receiving a blessing from his father and feeling that he
has no choice, Raven accompanies the U.S. President on her trip.

Cairns plans a severe terrorist attack, which makes Air Force One eventually dive from the damaged runway at Imam
Khomeini International Airport towards the Metro underground train travelling below, creating total devastation.
President Berry and the Secretary of State, Johnson are kidnapped by Cairns and President Modarres, leaving Raven to
leap from a huge inferno when several hand grenades are thrown in the damaged fuselage of Air Force One.

Raven is now a man alone on a mission. After eventually joining up with members of Unit Expendable, he succeeds in
being able to free several people from the clutches of Cairns sadistic methods, sacrificing himself for their safe return.

Ravens son, John Weller, had proposed to his girlfriend, Louise, who tells him that before she can give him an honest
answer, she wants him to leave the military so they can live a normal life. After seeing his father on television suff ering
infl iction, Weller knows that he also has a huge decision to make. He can only hope that after what his father endures
from the enemy, that this time, it wont be, One Time Too Many.

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