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Our Feast so What's on the Menu?: "The Sackcloth Series" Book 2 of 7

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Christians have been long awaiting, and outwardly expressing excitement as they speak about looking forward to their awaited Banquet Feast in heaven.

Genuinely convinced by way of their exclusive Christian beleif,their invitation to this Great Banquet is an absolute. By all accounts this invitation represents among other things; honor, a privelege, and in its own way, a reward.

These exclusive Christians, convinced they will in fact be presented with an invitation to this Great and Grand Banquet Feast taking place in heaven, they have proven to be as equally convinced and assured they will be accepting their invitation and attending this Great Banquet Feast. Afterall, who in their half right mind would
actually prove to decline such a grand invitation? Be it here on this earth, or in heaven?

Our vision of a Great Banquet Feast includes a vast variety of delicious foods in abundance, along with drinks of plenty.No doubt that certainly describes mankinds vision and understanding of an event so grand held here on this earth. With that vision in mind, now try to envision a Banquet so great, if not presumably far exceeding this earthly Banquet, except it is being held in and celebrated in heaven?

Invitations are sent out. They are hand delivered to the special quests of this Grand earthly Banquet. The most distinquist and most well known, most well liked, and most wealthy and gracious host has spared no cost, has set no limits. This Grand Banquet will become known throughout all the land and throughout the duration of all history as being unsurpassed in grandeur.

Attendence will be limited to, and strictly enforced to those guests who have personally been invited by way of an official hand delivered invitation.
The evening of the Great Banquet has arrived. Everything is set. Every last detail is in perfect place.
The guests begin to arrive in droves. Within less than an hour all invited guests have arrived at this earthly Great Banquet Feast.

The Great Banquet Feast foretold to take place in heaven, or in other words, "after we die," is found written and spoken about throughout the entire pages of the Bible. The one significant difference between the two stories of the identical Great Banquet Feasts, is that one takes place here on earth in heaven. More importantly, that one isolated difference between these Banquests held on earth or in heaven, sheds light on the one, yet very significant result. All the officially invited guests to attend this Great Banquet Feast being held in heaven, decline their invitation. They are all no-shows.

It took very little to figure out that these originally invited guests did not like what was on the menu.

It dawned on me that these guests reacted in the exact same way Jesus' first successfully aquired seveny followers also proved to react to Jesus' words as he explained to them, "you must eat my flesh and drink my blood in order to inherit eternal life." All but the original twelve disciples were out of there, and real quicklike. Certainly their thoughts must have been thoughts of literal cannabolism and vampires.

Your hand delivered invitation to the Great Banquet Feast in heaven has on the menu the identical food Jesus ate, and the identical drink that Jesus drank. What would you do? Would you be prepared (hypothetically of course) to accept that invitation?

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