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The Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: The First Principles of the Oracles of God

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This book is Divinely inspired and proclaims the need for all Christians to believe all the words of Jesus Christ exactly as He says in a correctly translated Holy Bible, such as the King James Version and those based on it. Herein includes the First Principles of The Oracles of God, and is for all who sincerely wish that God, The Creator of all heaven and earth, will intervene in the affairs of life and in world circumstances. All that Jesus says and is given us through His holy apostles - very much do apply to all Christians today, the same as yesterday; and will apply forever. As Jesus says, My words will by no means pass away (Mark 24:35). Therefore, this book is for all of Gods children to get understanding of the Lords spiritual precepts and commands. The reader will review from the Holy Scriptures how every Christian should be (especially now) diligently seeking a close relationship with Jesus Christ - to know His Ways. And, know how He has given us spiritual Authority to reverse the rising social turmoil and stop the devastation that has been plaguing this nation, and over the earth. This book will enlighten every reader to know how we need to seriously examine ourselves and our relationship with Jesus Christ. And that we need to do so quickly, rather than blaming others (and each other) for out troubles; and to know that the Way to life abundantly is to truly be in Jesus Christ - not relying on government policies and programs.

For the good of all in Gods house, our families and our loved ones, and for the salvation of our country, it is hoped that you and all in your family will obtain a copy of this book, read and study it carefully. Herein are fresh enlightenment of Gods Truth and whole Counsel. Folks; this is sorely needed, because as Jesus says, It-is-written (Luke 4:4).

Blessings to all.

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