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Kundalini Musings

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Kundalini Musings (Life Force Books, 2018) is a compendium of kundalini knowledge and experience, consisting of 82 essays written over the past seven years. Each essay has been edited and updated to reflect the latest findings across a broad spectrum of kundalini research — a wide assortment of kundalini-related topics and writings under one cover, all of JJ Semple's 40 plus years of kundalini experience contained in this one book.

Kundalini was first discovered by the ancients during religious or ceremonial practices — before science existed. It has retained its religious origins or roots; it is still part of some religious practices. For example, meditation — an integral part of some religions — can induce kundalini safely and permanently.

"Once the kundalini energy buildup is detected, you can observe it starting to climb the spine, using as yet unverifiable-by-medical-science channels along the spine. This is the sexual sublimation process, that is, the distillation and redirection of sexual energy -- normally used for procreation -- being diverted up the spine to the brain.

"When this psychic fuel reaches the brain, it's like a coup d'etat. Acting as a command and communications epicenter, kundalini takes over certain biological and metabolic functions. Via the nervous system, kundalini sends energy feelers throughout the body for the purpose of inventory, diagnosing the status of cells, tissue, and organs -- the complete anatomy, physiology, histology, and embryology.

"In permanent awakenings, when all components are correctly installed, the command and communications epicenter not only has an inventory component, dispenses and releases life force healing energy, raise consciousness, it also houses a governor that controls the release of energy."

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