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You Are Mine: "A love story in 2015"

You Are Mine: "A love story in 2015"

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You Are Mine: "A love story in 2015"

288 pages
4 hours
Aug 13, 2018


A love story in Los Angeles, New York and İstanbul.. 

This is first book written as a hobby by Author.

Aug 13, 2018

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You Are Mine - Yeşim Büyükadıgüzel


Chapter 1



Elif Akıncıoğlu came to dormitory at a trot. Here was a luxury student dormitory, where the children of the only elite people could stay.

-’Hello Lily’ said laughingly, to snappish and stubborn dormitory official, who was busy with cleaning the room of dormitory Manager ‘More power to you! Is there anyone called me?

-’Ten minute intervals since the morning, Gökhan has telephoned you. The tips of my fingers have felt pain because of the connecting the calls to your room.’ She replied, Lily, fulminating of her eyes.

-’I apologize on his behalf. Did he say anything, then? Did he leave any note?’

-’No, he did not leave any note. He would have called again.’ Lily said, looking at the table of the dormitory Manager, which was in front of her.

-’Thank you’ Elif said, she flipped back her hairs, which was natural wavy brown hair coming in front of her eyes, and she moved forward to the dormitory elevator on the right side. The screen of the elevator showed 10. Its meaning was that the elevator was on the canteen story. She pressed ‘zero’ button by her finger with pink nail polish and called the elevator.

Lily was a 28 aged woman, who was 160 tall, white-skinned, green eyes, had oval body lines, full-figured, brown short hairs. She had married once before. That her husband had been alcohol addict and she had gotten beatings of him every nights, caused to breakdown of her marriage 6 years ago. This dormitory was the first place, where she had worked. She had been working here for nearly 6 years.

The students did not like her much because she immediately snitched on the dormitory to the manager every event in the dormitory. So, the dormitory Manager was always informed about everything. The method of hoaxing Lily was only a cigarette, she forgot everything fob the one packet cigarettes and she clammed up to the Manager.

The five minutes had passed ever since she had been waiting in front of the elevator. The girls, on the story, had called the elevator preceded of her, and they were taking stroll between the stories by the elevator. Firstly two, then three, then four, they were loitering all the stories one by one, but they were not leading down to ground Floor. Elif could not face to wait more and walked to stairs behind her between yellow walls, which seemed not to end.

Elif was a girl, who was 23 years old, 177 tall, had beauty, which would make everyone jealous, wheat-skinned. She had Perfect body lines, a smooth skin, molar process and wavy Brown hairs, which went down to her slim waist from the sides of her Brown eyes.

Elif had stayed in the dormitory for a long time. Her lecture notes had been pretty good to the senior class. On the other hand, bad events, which she had faced, had influenced her deeply. She had sometimes taken classes, she had not taken most of the exams. Although she has passed courses of second term, she had failed from almost nearly all of the courses of first term. So, she had lengthened single term her School. Elif was a student of law Department. Her main dream was to present a program in a TV Channel. Although she chalked up enough for the Department, which she wanted, in Turkey Years ago, her family has said that they would not send her the University, saying ‘will you be an artist’. She had even insisted, everything were empty. When no was said once at home, there was no turn back.

Elif arrived to her room eventually. The books on her hand put on the heater core, which was next to door of her room. She unzipped of black bag and she took out key of the 13 numbered room from inside of her bag.

Here was a double room, which was on third story of 10- story- dormitory. When you entered to the room, there was a window hanging out orange curtains of its sides, 2 beds running parallel to the window, 2 nightstands with three drawers between the beds, two worktables across the beds, 2 wardrobes running parallel to the beds and opposite to the window and one bookcase. The Floor had been carpeted by yellow wall carpet. The walls had been painted by yellow. In addition, there was a bathroom and a sink inside of the room.

Elif walked through her worktable and put 3 books on her hand on blowsy table. At that time, she was unaware of Eylül’s appearing, who was her roommate, in front of the door.

-’Hi looker’ Eylül said smilingly. Eylül was a 22 aged girl, who was nearly 1.70 tall, has long wavy blonde hair, Brown eyes, dark-skinned. They had been studying at the same Department.

‘Welcome’ Elif said, with demoralized and low voice while she was sitting on her bed.

-’What is wrong sweetie, is something wrong? ‘Eylül said with worried tone.

-’That so much has happened today, ever since the morning, I cannot fight them any more’ Elif said, wiping tears flowing down of her eyes.

Eylül closed the door of the room. She moved towards to Elif’s bed.

-’I will prepare hot coffee one for each us. You, too, tell me what happened today from the word go. Is it okay, babe?’ Eylül said, with soft tone of voice.

-’Okay’ Elif could only say. She had her words stick in her throat, she was swallowing, but she could not prevent to run down her tears.

Elif poured boiled hot water on the coffees and added plenty of cream inside of them. Both of them did not like strong coffee. She put in two sugars to her coffee, seven sugars to Elif’s coffee. While Eylül did not like much sugar, Elif sometimes put in even ten sugars to the coffee.

Eylül elongated one of the cups on her hands to Elif and ‘I am listening you, sweetie’ said.

-’Gökhan was in the School today’ Elif said, looking at Eylül’s eyes with a look full of fear.

-’how is that, had he come back to School? Did not he graduate from the School last year? Why had he come? Mean rascal!’ Eylül said, with angry tone of the voice. ‘Or did he make you anything?

-’He has gotten into master degree.’ Elif said.

-’What? What the fuck!’ said, Eylül was looking at Elif openmouthedly.

-’I am informing you good news more. He will serve as an Assistant while he will be making master degree. Also, he will enter our class.’ Elif said.

-’I do not believe it. It is like a joking. Bastard! It means that he will be our Teacher and now.’ Eylül said.

-’That is right. They entered the George’s class together today. Elif said.

-’At that time, he will enter our class, too. I never would have guessed.’ Eylül said. ‘But, you do not be sorry. I stand by you. He cannot mess you over once more. This mean rascal will regret it if he does!’ said, Eylül had stood up because of her anger, she was dwaling without knowing.

Gökhan was a 25 aged man, who was 1.85 tall, has blond hair, green eyes, white-skinned, well- proportioned and very handsome. In fact, it can be said that he was the most handsome of the School and most popular, too. All girls in the School were front of him. In addition, he was the captain of football team in the School.

Elif had met Gökhan in the School garden in the first year, which she had started the School. At that day, it had not passed even one week since she had come to Los Angeles. When Elif, who had not flirted any man until that day, saw Gökhan, had fell in love immediately. Although she wanted to take her eyes away from him, too, she could not control herself. Gökhan, too, had realized this girl, who has a wonderful physique and face, immediately.

Gökhan was a man, who had not been serious about any girl until that time. When he saw Elif, he had planned to hook up her only for a few days. On the other hand, the events had not developed like his thought. He had begun to feel something in his heart towards to this pure and clean girl when he had knew her more. Gökhan had not ever flirt a girl, who was 19 aged and virgin. So, this girl was different from the others for him.

Gökhan began to be interested in only Elif after he had shook off the girls, who he had flirted at that time. After some time, too, he invited her to luxury flat, which he had been living. Although Eylül had said to Elif not to go, Elif had not listened to her. She said that she would watch only TV, never had sex with him and had not thought about bad things. And the events had occurred just as she said. Gökhan had put on several acts. But, he could not be success. Even Gökhan did not like from this situation, in fact, ‘no’ word had caused that he desired to Elif more.

Even after, they were together in lesson breaks, in the canteen, in the shopping, in the team matches of Gökhan until Elif entered to the dormitory. Both of them were tall and beautiful. Everybody in the school was talking about them. In addition, they had been chosen couple of the year in the school.

At the end of two years, when they had been eating, Gökhan had proposed to Elif and had pulled a solitaire ring from his pocket. Elif had used to like the ring, which has more stones on. Her dreams were coming true and she was marrying man, who she loved.

Elif had decided on a frilled and very sexy wedding dress, which had deavaged, wide band of the neck, girdling her wasp waist and her badonkadonk. Both of their parents were unaware of it. They decided to say them after that. Marriage would be among the friends as a small simple celebration.

Before one week of the marriage, the mobile phone of Elif was called by unknown phone number. Caller was a girl.

-’Hello!’ Elif said, with the sleepy tone of the voice.

-’Am I speaking to Elif?’ the foreign voice on the phone said.

-’ Yes, I am. Who are you?’ Elif said.

-’From what I hear, you will marry with Gökhan.’ Sardonic voice on the phone said.

Elif stopped for a minute and ‘What is it to you? Who am I talking with?’

-’It s not important who. I am only a friend. How can you be so blind and pure? You are a stupid, girl.’

-’You cannot talk with me in this way.’ Elif said, she did not understand anything.

-’If I were you, I would look at your environment and the telephone of that dishonorable.’ The girl on the phone said and the phone was hung up in Elif’s ear suddenly.

-’Hello’ Elif said again, but the phone had been hung up. There was not a number, which Elif could call. In any case, she thought that the girl was one of the girls, who had flirted with Gökhan before. The girl had been jealous that they will marriage and had found Elif’s phone number from anywhere and called.

Five days later, they would solemnize. On the other hand, something told her was shouting her words of the girls, who had called consistently. She wondered what she had wanted to say. Was it necessary that she look at Gökhan’s phone? She never liked poking about the phone. How did she poke it?

At that night, they went out for the dinner together with Gökhan. While Gökhan was heading for the toilet leaving the table, Elif bagged the phone taking it from the table. She knew that this was not right, but she must poke about his phone. She was never believed that Gökhan had done a wrong thing. On the other hand, she must her heart good. Any more, the telephone had been bagged up once. Gökhan had just come back the toilet. After the dinner, they left the restaurant and Gökhan took Elif the dormitory. Luck was on Elif side. Gökhan had not realized anything.

Elif sit on her bed and took Gökhan’s phone out of her bag. Before Gökhan realized where his telephone was, she must poke about his phone quickly. After that, she would have thought how she would give back him his phone. She entered the messages in the phone. There were normal messages, which had come from his boy friends. There was not anything, which was suspected. Suddenly, Elif thought what would happen her if Gökhan knew that Elif took his phone on her purpose. Could the marriage cancel? Maybe, the wish of the girl called was that. She turned back to the massage and entered the phone book. There were a lot of people’s numbers, which more of them had boy names. What must has she does now? She was confused.

She poked about the phone book again. She poked about it again. She had been researching the phone book for half an hour, would has she asked who they were calling the people on the phone? It was a nonsense and silly thing. In addition, it lasted till the morning. She thought that she come back the phone to Gökhan in some way. But, she felt herself anxious. She poked about his phone book again and called the random person. The person, who answered the phone, was a girl. She thought that it could be. The girl, who answered the phone, could be darling, sister of the phone owner. She decided to call one number more. The person, who answered the phone, was a girl again. One number is more again, and she learned that the 70 percent of boy numbers on the phone had belonged to the girls. She was dither and she did not know what she would think. Why had Gökhan done the thing so? She brought to her mind that she should have think about bad things. Maybe, he had recorded his girl friends with boy names holding off from getting her angry. On the other hand, that Elif never poked about his phone. She poked about his phone book again. She understood that the names of the girls, who were recorded as boy names, were recorded by lower cases. She thought there was an explanation of it. When she was looking at his phone on her bed motionlessly that the door rang and Eylül entered the room.

Elif did not realize that Eylül had come. Elis was only looking at the phone, she was not hearing what Eylül said. Eylül felt something was wrong.

Elif told Eylül everything. Eylül was angry with Gökhan very much. Eylül thought there was a way to result it. This way was to call all girls, who were recorded by boy names on the phone. Elif took the phone and called a number. The girl on the phone said to her that she had met Gökhan at her home after 12 o’clock, they had been talking on the phone within day and she had not known that Gökhan had a girlfriend. Elif had been demolished. She slumped down in the corner of the room and begun to cry. Nor this all was. Elif said that she could have talk on the phone and asked that Eylül talked them instead of her. Eylül took the phone and she asked who they were, had they known or not that Gökhan and Elif would have marry, where they had met first, how often they had met calling the numbers one by one. The girls on the phone were answering her questions freely. Eylül could not believe what her hear. After Gökhan had taken Elif the dormitory every night, he had gone to another girl’s home and stayed there during all the nights. Most of the girls did not hear about Elif. The girls, who knew Elif, said that they had had even lunch or dinner at home or the restaurant together with Gökhan and Elif. How did Gökhan have the stomach for them? He had allowed his darling to eat with the girls, who he had had sex. How he had suckered this innocent girl. Elif cried very much all night long. The girls, who were on the same floor, were heard all her voices and they came in the room to learn what happened. Soon after, all people in the dormitory learned about everything.

Next day, there was a big fight over in the school. Elif asked questions and Gökhan answered that he had not done wrong thing, had never deceived, the girls had been lying, they had complotted him. That he had made such believe in himself, he was on the level.

After Elif broke up Gökhan, she did not go to school for a while. She could not get up a full head of steam. She felt herself as alone and played with her feelings. How she got up head of steam. Gökhan was hard on Elif’s heel, he was calling the dormitory every day. Elif said to him that she did not want to flirt him again, but when Gökhan received a no answer, he was threatening to kill her. Elif could not go out from the dormitory because of the anxiety. If only, her parents would have been there. She thought that her patents had not been there fortunately. If they knew that Elif had had a boy friend, bad events would happened. This was a unthinkable. Elif’s parents were fundamentalist family. They would marry their daughter to someone, who they would choose themselves in Turkey. The candidate to marry was even clear. The son of their next-door was Emre. Emre had graduated the university and he had taken the helm of farms, which his father owned. According to her family, he was a good groom candidate.

When Elif was coming to the dormitory from the school, she saw that Gökhan was in front of the dormitory. Elif came back to the way because of the fear. Merely, Gökhan had already noticed her. Unfortunately, Elif was alone. He caught her running down. As long as Elif said to him not to want to flirt again, he began to batter her. ‘You are mine, do you understand? You are only mine and you will be mine. If your flirt another one, I will kill you.’ He shouted. At that time, there was no one on the street. Gökhan had pricked his nails to the Elif’s arm and blood was running down from the girl’s arms. Elif felt pain, but she was not getting out of him. Suddenly, a petit group appeared at the end of the street. When Gökhan saw them, he walked across the street leaving Elif there and he disappeared.

Poor Elif went to be drained alone crying because her arms were in blood. When the doctor asked what happened, ‘I have hit the wall’ she said. She did not know why she had said. Of course, the doctor did not believe it. He looked at Elif in other words. It was clear that bad events had happened. ‘Would you like me to call the police?’ he said. ‘No, I am fine’ Elif answered. The doctor drained. Elif pulled on her coat not to be seen her arms and went to the dormitory. From that day on, she had never met Gökhan. At the end of that year, Gökhan had graduated until she had seen him again this year

Elif and Eylül got through their coffee. Eylül set Elif’s mind at rest. She felt better now.

-’Would you like to watching TV?’ Eylül said, with the cheerful tone of the voice.

-’Okay, let’s watch’ Elif answered.

-’Let’s see, which programs are there? If we do not like, I have rented two films. We watch them.’ Eylül said.

-’Ok’ Elif said. She was in a good humor, even if just a bit.

Eylül looked at TV channels. Most of them were commercials. There was not anything, which would watch, on the other channels. She stopped on a channel willy-nilly and she poked remote-control switch at Elif.

-’There is not anything on TV, it is very boring.’ Eylül said, lying down the bed.

-’Just a minute, if there is not anything, we watch the films, which you have rented.’ Elif answered.

At that moment, there was a commercial about a competition, which would organize in New York.

-’The young girls, who have been living in New York and, believe in their bodies. Instantly, let’s send your pictures, with your portrait and bikini, together written form of the internet to the below address. Let your dreams come true.’

We will give first three girls,

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