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Lazy and Unfocused: Unleash The Power In You, Stop Procrastination, Be More Productive & Live Your Dreams

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Lazy and Unfocused: Unleash The Power In You, Stop Procrastination, Be More Productive & Live Your Dreams

If you want to Increase Self-Esteem, Overcome Social Anxiety & Negative Thoughts, Build Leadership Skills & Feel The True Freedom, then this is your book!

This book contains amazing tips and strategies on how to learn ways to control and learn how to discipline yourself.

It will help you build a strong, optimistic view of yourself for life. This is for all of you who have problems getting along in life. You may be a victim of bullying, abuse, lack of confidence, or something even more serious. This is your book.

What You'll Learn in Lazy and Unfocused: Unleash The Power In You, Stop Procrastination, Be More Productive & Live Your Dreams...

How to Develop Your Communication Skills
How to Beat Procrastination Forever
How to Eliminate Anxiety
How to Cultivate Perfect Habits
How to Practice Mindfulness
How to Increase Your Self-Esteem
How to Develop Useful Leadership Skills
How to Invest in Yourself

What You'll Also Discover Inside...

Set smaller goals. I don't mean that you should not reach for the stars, however, I do know that to get to the stars you should first get into the atmosphere. Feeling good about yourself is a constant process. Confidence does not just happen overnight. When you look at your life goals consider breaking them up into smaller, stepping stones to the end result. This way you can have a constant flow of positive reinforcement as you achieve the steps along the journey of life.

Surround yourself with positive people. The more you surround yourself with positive and confident individuals in all areas of your life the more you will begin to feel the same. The very interaction with confidence motivates you to feel the same, it is contagious. The same goes for negativity. So, take a look at the people in your life and reflect on their net input regarding confidence in your life. True friends support you be more of yourself as far as it is concerned.

Appearance is everything. When you look good you feel good. Simple. If you are walking around looking like you just got out of a rubbish bin, you probably won't be too confident about yourself. We all know how you feel when you walk out of the hairdresser, you walk a bit taller, you walk with purpose. So look after yourself and dress your best and you will feel your best. You know your best features to show them off!

This book will help you to get to know yourself better and learn how to focus on your strengths in order for you to become self-disciplined and successful.  

I would like to encourage you to begin the journey by looking at yourself and accepting what you see. There can never be another you so be all you can be for the time being.   

The next step is to put the useful information you found here into practice day by day, and begin to enjoy the wholesomeness of life.

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