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Atone: A Taryn Winter Crime Thriller, #2

238 pages3 hours


Retired Detective Taryn Winter returns to consult for Las Vegas Metro Detective Daniel Brady and FBI Special Agent Jenae Shannon. They are tracking an elusive opponent who has been watching them and learning their secrets - their vulnerabilities. After a near miss the first time, the three are determined to put an end to the killing spree, embarking upon an investigation that will take them to remote places in Nevada and Arizona. The killer is leaving a trail, hoping to lure them into a trap. But there are unexpected twists, sparking an evolution that could lead to more violence and unpredictable behavior. An obsession with Taryn Winter will bring the killer back to Las Vegas and force a second confrontation. Will their own vulnerabilities be used against them?

Will the Vegas trio be prepared for a new game with a ruthless killer?

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