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A Flood of Bones: Alicia Friend, #6

506 pages7 hours


A 50-year-old murder spree. A present-day victim. A town rife with secrets.

As the floodwaters around a rural West Yorkshire town recede, several bodies are left behind. At first, it is thought to be a disturbed graveyard, but the gruesome discovery is quickly established as multiple murders.

From 50 years ago.

And when a young local woman is murdered, tension in the community threatens to boil over.

As the case expands quickly, Detective Inspector Alicia Friend uncovers even older secrets – secrets linked to a psychotic priest from the 19th century, to a white supremacist group, and an amateur sleuth who poses the theory of a cult spanning generations.

With too many suspects and too many bodies, A Flood of Bones is a serial killer novel where anyone could be a killer, and anyone could be the next victim.

The Alicia Friend series

1. His First His Second

2. In Black In White

3. With Courage With Fear

4. A Friend In Spirit

5. To Hide To Seek (novella)

6. A Flood of Bones

Also available: Box set: Alicia Friend Investigations Box Set Books 1-3

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