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AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM: Your Life of Praise Can Bring Freedom To Others

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The purpose of this book is to cause the reader to reflect on and analyze their daily walk with Christ. AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM is a timely reminder that we should always praise our way through the circumstances of life. Is your Christian walk demonstrating what you say you believe? SYLVIA DALLAS gives biblical facts fused with her personal walk and the result of the application of the word in thanksgiving and praise even in the midst of the storms of life.  
As Christians, we are being watched by those who are hearing a calling to come to the Kingdom of God. When they do not see a positive reinforcement of what we say we believe in our daily walk, we keep them bound where they are spiritually. However, if we operate like Paul and Silas and praise our way through our circumstances, we can bring freedom to them as we give them the courage to face the circumstances of their lives. 
Are you finding it difficult to focus on God during times of trials? AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM will encourage you and help you to keep focused.

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