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The Flip Side of Infinity: The Vincent Coronado Mysteries, #1

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The Flip Side of Infinity

A Vincent Coronado Mystery

            Since the murder several years ago of his beloved wife Lori, Vincent Coronado, a wealthy Chicago-based industrialist with a vast biomedical technologies empire, has used his time and fortune on projects to acquire justice for people like Emily Shelton, the patient of Vincent's closest friend, psychiatrist Dr. Bolton Richards.  As requested by Dr. Richards, Vince is to render Emily's parents, Hal and Jennifer Baker, powerless to hurt their daughter again.  But Bolton Richards is soon found murdered in his office, and attempts are made on Emily's life.  To complicate matters, the beautiful and enigmatic Jennifer Baker is apparently not the cruel and callous parent Richards had suspected she was, and Vince finds himself wondering if perhaps she shouldn't be spared.  He also finds himself increasingly drawn to the allure of her beauty, integrity and courage.  But when he finally learns who ordered the murder of his friend Bolton Richards, Coronado's efforts to help the daughter Emily quickly transform themselves into a vengeance quest that may very well turn disastrous because of his unique burden – a tendency in the most inopportune moments – toward debilitating psychotic episodes of auditory chaos and cacophony, in which his dead wife Lori speaks to him from the grave and plays the music she had loved to his troubled mind.

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