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No Compromise!

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This book, NO Compromise! offers God's direction to some of the controversial issues that we face today. God set out His laws years ago when He gave them to Moses, and He was very clear on what was right and what was sin. These laws were never debatable!

We didn’t get these laws because God wanted to dominate us; we got these laws so that we could live as close to God’s holiness as possible. The void of God and the absence of His laws produces sin. And the wages of sin is death! God loves us all and doesn’t want any of us to lose our lives because of sin.

However, sin has slithered into every aspect of our lives and slowly, God’s laws are being changed under the guise of compromise. But this is a deception and it’s leading many people down the deadly path of destruction. People need to get away from false teachers and get back into reading the Bible for themselves so they can know that God's word is NEVER to be compromised.

There is no option to stray from what God said or to change it to suit this sinful world. As Christians, we must study the Bible and know the truth so that we can be the children of God and true representatives of our Lord. We need to share the gospel of Christ with others, not a revised manmade version. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He does not change who He is or what He has said. And we must live in this same mindset because there is no compromise!

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