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The women of Magnolia Hill have always been strong, but the new generation has to face many trials and one will bring her to her knees. One man will keep her from leaving behind her heritage when disaster strikes. Magnolia Hill will never be the same again...
Georgia Tyler is strong-willed and full of passion. When her father insists she marries Robert, a man she despises, she makes a hasty decision that will change her whole world. But two disasters sweep through Magnolia Hill, causing her to do something she never thought she'd have to do...
Edward Crandall is the best horse trainer around and Magnolia Hill has always been his dream job. But Georgia Tyler makes his life miserable. Then when she comes to him desperate for his help, he takes a step he never thought he'd take. Their future is set in that one moment, but others have different plans.
This is the last of the Women of Magnolia Hill books.

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