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Insignia: Asian Birds & Beasts: The Insignia Series, #6

92 pages1 hour


INSIGNIA VOL. 6. includes 8 short stories with Asian characters, settings, and magical creatures.

In this volume you'll find an array of animal-shifters, magical creatures, gods, and spirits. Story settings include: India, Japan, Cambodia, China, and outer-space!


'Reborn' by Nidhi Singh
'The Star Ball' by Amy Fontaine
'Raising Words' by Stewart C. Baker
'Apsaras' Dance' by Kelly Matsuura
'We, the Ravens of Bai Gao Lou' by Russell Hemmell
'The Azure Dragon' by Lorraine Schein
'The Churail and the Crow' by Keyan Bowes
'Vermillion Nights' by Joyce Chng

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