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Edlyn Carter has a secret, one that she is determined to keep at all costs. Coming back for her best friend’s wedding, she encounters not just one threat to her secrets, but two—two impossibly beautiful men who hold her heart in their hands.

Vincent Vanderwall has watched Edlyn from the time she was a child, waiting for her to become an adult so that he can take what’s his. Now he is ready, but the woman he wants to make his forever has grown into a beauty who is hiding deadly secrets from him.

Meeting her when she came into Vegas for her friend’s wedding, Ivan Petrov knew this woman was it the second he laid eyes on her. The only issue is that he lives an incredibly dangerous life, and he can’t allow someone as innocent as she is into it.

Just when they are all going to finally find perfection together, Edlyn is called away, and now it is up to Vincent and Ivan to find out exactly what she is hiding from them and tell her that there is only one way that this is going to work. She is theirs, and it is damn time she knew it.

But will Edlyn’s secrets tear them apart before they even get started?

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