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Gone to the Birds: A Pet Recovery Center Mystery, #3

205 pages2 hours


Penny Clark works hard to make the Pet Recovery Center the best pet-related business in Apple Creek. Cat-sitting, dog-sitting, bird-sitting—they do it all. When Hairy Paws Day Center opens its doors, she finds her livelihood threatened. Sure, she tracks down missing animals, but how can she compete with a center that offers clients training as well as boarding services?

According to Mona Butters, she can't. Mona is looking to have her lovebird tamed while she's away, and thanks to Hairy Paws, Penny has already lost one potential client. But the same day Mona visits both of the centers, she turns up dead in the park.

Private investigating is just the distraction Penny needs from her current business situation. Unfortunately, Sheriff Nathan Bradley has different ideas, especially since someone close to Penny has been implicated in the murder. The conflict threatens their budding romance, and a new woman in the picture doesn't help.

Will Penny lose Nathan to the other woman, or will this murder be the death of them both?

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