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The Raging Spirit

321 pages4 hours


For a woman in 1890 the journey to the wild archipelago of St. Kilda, off the coast of Scotland, is hazardous. Untroubled and undeterred, Meredith accompanies her naturalist father on his expedition, knowing she may have to endure a long stay. But then she meets the renowned Professor Fergus Macaulay and soon has cause to fear him more than the elements.

As their boat flounders in savage seas, Meredith is jettisoned overboard. However, she is saved by a young man called Logan, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Professor Macaulay...and Logan's dark and terrible past is slowly revealed - at great cost to them all.

"Gadsby's fluent style of writing and propensity for drama bring the characters to life" Accent Journal.

"Spiced with the fresh air of originality and realism"

"The book's ring of authenticity" Shields Gazette

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