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Soul's Destiny - A Dreamwalker's Journey: Soul's Destiny, #1

518 pages7 hours


When a mysterious force pulls his twin brother Thane into a coma, Aydan begins a compelling journey into the depths of his existence to rescue his brother from anguish, torture, and the battle for his very soul against Machimunto, the evil of all things, in the afterlife.  Searching to save his brother, Aydan is thrust into a world of mystery, First Nation's culture and spirituality that culminates in an epic journey into another dimension to join Kisemanto, the mother of all things, to battle evil for his brother's life and ultimately stop evil from gaining access to the world.

Though separated by space and individual choices, the good and evil destinies of Aydan and his twin brother Thane are intertwined.  With spiritual and cultural guidance from their First Nation's mother, the twins undertake a dreamwalker's journey that leads them through the afterworld to discover their true natures, their destiny, and to protect the earthly countless souls unaware of the danger that conspires to escape.

Encompassing western and indigenous cultures, and spanning this world and the afterlife, Soul's Destiny A dreamwalker's journey is a riveting, fast paced and epic journey into the spirit world and the darkest corners of the human soul to stop evil from upsetting the balance of the worlds.

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