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Jump: Return of the Wick Chronicles, #3

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The Emperor and Prince Andrew have launched Ozoo Enterprises and are ready to open the warehouse where work on the computer systems that might run Elysium is about to begin. Will also has a side project of his own: a personal transporter, one that will allow him to manipulate space—sending people hundreds of miles with the tap of a keyboard—and circumvent time, opening the possibility not only for time travel on earth, but beyond.

Hyrum Munson is settling into his new post-continental-walk life in San Francisco with his sister and brother-in-law, the Queen and King of Pacifica. He's happier than he's ever been and loves his new routine—except, perhaps, having to learn fractions—but he's upset over losing the one thing that matters the most to him, and is obsessing over where he left it.

When Hyrum confesses to Wick that the thing he treasures most in the world is in his lost wallet, Will and Drew decide to put the transporter to a good test, and go in search of it. They follow Hyrum across the continent in a series of jumps, looking for the moment when he drops his beloved wallet, and discover there's far more to Hyrum and the thread of time that binds them together than they ever considered possible.

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