God's Timing Is Perfect: True Short Stories

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God's Timing Is Perfect: True Short Stories

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I was born in former Communist Bulgaria, behind the iron curtain. During my childhood years, I lived with my family under Communist oppression. Then during the 1960s, I prayed to God for five years to help me to leave the country. When I was twenty-three, God heard me and opened the door of opportunity. I passed the border like a suitcase and was able to escape on the Orient Express train to Trieste, Italy. After six months, I moved to America, and I lived for eight years in Flushing, New York. Then I got married and moved to Austin, Texas. After the Lords help and protection over my life, I still didnt see His mercy and unconditional love. I simply lived by the rules of this dark world, and I had not heard about the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Hosea 4:6.

One day I opened my heart and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I repented of my sins. Romans 10:9. He made me a new creation, and I became a child of the Most High. II Corinthians 5:17. Only Jesus can bring harmony of mind, soul, and body.

With Gods Timing Is Perfect, I hope many readers, after reading the nine true stories, will see throughout my life how God showed me only by faith in Jesus, that all things are possible. Nothing is impossible with God, who can move mountains. Matthew 17:20.

I wrote my sixth book for the glory of the Lord. In each story, I wrote about Gods mercy, loving kindness, and patience in my life. I had a life full of turmoil and struggles. My marriage is still improving. I wish things would go my way, but Gods will and His timing are the best.

God is never late and always on time! His timing is perfect! My legacy is to continue to write and glorify the living God!

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