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A Girl, a Dream, and Spf 50: A Novel

158 pages3 hours


Colleen Murphy has a seemingly bright future ahead of her. Fresh out of college and on the brink of a burgeoning career, she cannot wait to realize a taste of independence. New to Florida and anxious to begin her new job in sales, it seems she can do no wrong. Unfortunately, Colleen is about to discover that post-college life is nothing like she envisioned.

After she is enthusiastically welcomed into her condo community by three elderly residents, Colleen begins her new job, which quickly propels her into a series of soul searching scenarios when she realizes she is just a telemarketer with an employer that may be involved with the mob. With a cast of unpredictable characters by her side, Colleen soon experiences a whirlwind of surprising events that include meeting her neighbors grandson, Scott, who quickly proves he is not too good to be true. As Colleen is forced to come to terms with her own reality, life repeatedly tests her limits. Can Colleen survive her greatest challenges and find her place in the world?

In this amusing narrative, a young woman must learn to navigate through an uncertain career, friendship, and love with wit and charm as she begins a new chapter after college graduation.

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