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Jason Kindle: Engineer- the Galaxy

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2100AD: The pollution is level 10, a news report said. Tragic things were happening on planet Earth as global warming became worse and the wars for fuel were fought between the First Four planets.

Jason Kindle, a teenager, began a journey as one of two-hundred passengers, across the Milky Way Galaxy in search of a new home world and a new beginning. He encounters the first of an alien life form who helped save his life and those of the other passengers and their ship called the Galaxy.

Starting a new life on a new world called Bright Star had its problems. Establishing a new world order was begun immediately after arrival. Several hundred years had passed on Earth since the Galaxy departed two-hundred years earlier.

Jason was responsible for bringing cohesion between the human race and the Narin species. However, suspicions about the alien presence on Bright Star, persisted. His actions later result in a trip to Earth to face execution. He saw many exciting discoveries in space on that journey.

M-13, a moon orbiting a dead planet, recently discovered, was about to give up its secrets and unravel a mystery about the human race and an earlier journey into deep space; a debris field was orbiting this small moon and could be seen more clearly as it passed in front of the sun. Was this a result of a cataclysmic end to a space journey

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