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Once Upon an Antigmule: (… Or, the Day Roseanna’S Dreams Came True)

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Once Upon an Antigmule ..

The development of this book began when the three authors were together on vacation and Samantha (age 8) and Chloe (age 7) began to draw animals that were imaginary. When talking about them and where they might live, the story of a little girl named Roseanna Ellaby who loved animals and came to visit their secret land began to take form. Who she is, how she got to the land of these animals, how special they were and what she saw there, how she managed to get home, and why her visit remains a secret is the story of this book.

The primary author, James A. Reiffel, is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University. He is a consultant, educator, and researcher in Cardiology and has authored or co-authored over 400 publications in the medical field and has given over 1000 medical lectures regionally, nationally, and internationally. He also has authored a book on golf, which is a spoof of the rules of golf, entitled: Reload - The Rules of Mulligan Golf, and has been a contributing author to other golf publications. This is his first venture into writing stories for children. Samantha and Chloe are the older two of his four grandchildren. They live with their parents (Jamie and Scott, and Gabrielle and Julian) and their siblings (1 sister each, Jordan and Lily) very near Grandpa Jim and Grandma Bonnie in a suburb of New York City.

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