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Once Upon a Time....: Part (1)

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In these charming pages, author Simi Moneer puts in your hands one of her childhoods treasures. Theyre some of the bedtime stories that her mother used to tell her before kissing her good night. She doesnt know the roots of these wonderful tales, which accompanied her through her early years and which she never tired of hearing or reading again and again. But she feels it would be a great loss if these tales might fade away someday.

The stories will lead you to charming ancient worlds of fantasy, fairies, and ogres, not only with the interesting way of telling them but with the beautiful colored pictures that fertilize imagination. They will teach your children many good morals like courage, honesty, and complaisant.

The author, Simi, assures you that, once you start reading a story, you shall not be able to stop until youve finished it, and if you read it to a child, he/she will tell you that its one of the most beautiful and exciting stories he/she had ever heard.

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