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21 Destructive Lessons Blacks Learn: Escaping the Collateral Damage of the ‘African Mentality'

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What you know also can hurt you!

The quality of your life is a reflection of what you know and how you think, and what you know and how you think you learned.

In this book, you would find at least twenty-one of the most common but limiting lessons you most likely have learned especially as a black person, how these have formed the bedrock for the way you think, and consequently the quality of the life you now lead.

It would also help you do the following:

Escape the damaging effect of these destructive mind-sets.
Effect a revolution of your mind.
Unleash the unlimited power within you.
Change your life and of those around you for the better.
Become a person of influence too . . . regardless of the colour of your skin or limitations, and all by yourself.

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